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Events and Workshops for 2016/17

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Dear Friends,

August is upon us! Constellation work in the tradition of Bert Hellinger is growing and becoming more widely known among practitioners and students of psychotherapy and deep soul work.  We are doing our part by offering 10 public workshops in Watertown, embarking upon our 10th year with the intensive Constellation Learning Group, and traveling to Vermont and Nantucket in the fall. What an honor it has been to hold the healing circles with so many! The connection and magic that happens fills our hearts! Not to say that there aren’t moments of  “growth opportunities” also. 🙂

Here are the programs I am excited to offer for the 2016-2017 year:


Our Constellation Healing Circles have developed beautifully over many years and will continue gathering over 8 weekends again this year. There will be monthly opportunities for both beginners and continuing students.  Bring your issues, questions and presence to these powerful circles and you most likely walk away with just the medicine that you needed.

  • Constellation Learning Group:  This is our 10th year of gathering to hold each other in respect and love while we deep dive into what we inherited on all levels from those that walked before us. In this special 8-month training program, we embark upon profound explorations. Our ancestors songs fill the space, and you may be astounded to find how much they influence your life at this moment. The work is deep and changes your perspectives and thus your life. We offer two tracks within this program: Family Constellation Systems and Organizational Constellation Systems.  We also use constellations as a tool for spiritual alignment. As always, we open our doors to newcomers in October. Please inquire about space in this wonderful group by contacting Samvedam.  Click here to learn more.
  • Residential Retreats: October is gorgeous in Western Massachusetts and this fall, we will gather again at the Sirius Community to kick off our learning year with The Blessing Way,our 2nd annual residential retreat. On October 21-23, we will bring our circle to the beautiful countryside and connect into our collective wisdom, with plenty of time and space to care for our Selves.  Please join us as we relax, gather our collective wisdom and work to clear out what is in the way of love flowing freely in our lives and families. New community members are welcome, as well as 2016-201717 committed Learning Group students and  Learning Group alumni.  We are anticipating a lot of fun! Last time we laughed more than we cried and really enjoyed the glorious food at Sirius!   Click here for the Blessing Way retreat flyer, and click here to register.
  • The Travel Team.  Last year we decided to bring constellation work out into the market place and founded our travel team. Many people do not come to workshops or cannot afford individual consultations. Yet, this trans-generational work could change their lives. This is particularly relevant to families where traumas repeat through the generations, be it violence, poverty, suicide or other painful patterns.Constellation work can help to understand and integrate such patterns so they don’t need to keep repeating. If you have an interested group of 6 or more, we will come to you.Or if you work in an agency or a setting where this work could be of service, we are happy to come and offer you an introductory workshop, supervision, and training in this powerful method. Please contact Samvedam for more information.Wishing you all the best!